Nature’s Beauty in Colour



I’m Marina, a surface pattern designer based in Berkshire, UK.

I am lucky to be surrounded by green hills, deep woods, and wonderful gardens. When in nature, I feel alive and inspired by all the little details: flowers, leaves, different bugs, a blue summer sky, or an angry black cloud. Nature brings me peace and joy.

Through my designs, I hope to bring some of the outdoors into your space and share some of the joy and peace I feel from being in nature.

Interested in collaborating or licensing my designs?

  • Butterflies pattern in teal
  • Baby top and shorts with butterflies pattern in teal
  • Chamomile in blue and yellow - Magical Weeds collection
  • Stationery - Weeds collection in blues and yellows
  • Summer leaves pattern in pinks and blues
  • Stationery set with leaves and dots in pink and blue
  • Wallpaper - Tall Grass from Magical Weeds collection in Orange and Teal
  • Tall grass in orange and teal, from Magical Weeds collection
  • Clover flowers pattern in blues and yellows
  • Bathroom in blue-grey with clover flowers wallpaper in blues and yellows
  • Country Walks - Fabric Stack in pinks and greens
  • Country Walks- Specks in pinks on green background

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