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I thought that I would start by introducing how the idea for this blog was born. First and foremost I am a mum to two amazing girls, now 4 and 1.5 yr old. After many years working in the Telecom industry, my dream is to have my own business that allows me to work when and where I want so that I can spend more time with my daughters and ultimately enjoy life a bit more. Sounds familiar?

Nowadays we are so lucky to have the internet, which opens a massive market all over the world. I’m working on building a business around my passion for learning, sharing knowledge and writing. Step 1 was finishing and publishing my first book (no small feat with a small baby!). My first book: “Switch from PC to Mac” was published in March 2016, when my youngest was 15 months. So I wrote most of it, formatted it, put together a quick website, arranged for an editor, cover and published it (and, let’s not forget, try to market it, not my favourite!), all while I had a small baby.

I read many books (I also love reading) on motivation, time management and related subjects to try to keep on track, but I found that while many of those books are great resources, everything becomes a bit more difficult when you are a mum and expected to be “on call” 24×7. So I’ve started this blog to share the bits of knowledge that I’ve learnt along the road, hoping that this will be useful for you while you work on your business. If you’ve read this far, you are probably either looking to start a business or already working on it. I know what you are going through. Let’s do it together!

I don’t believe in magic formulas to suddenly earn thousands online barely moving a finger (but if you do find one, please send it to me!). It is hard work, but I think that it’s completely worth it. If you work on something you enjoy it doesn’t really feel like hard work though. I’ve really enjoyed all the effort I put to publish my first book and I plan to keep on going.

This blog is for you to find a place where you can get some motivation, support and useful resources to help you with your business. I hope you find the content useful. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Are you struggling with something specific and you’d like some help? Write to me. I’ll be waiting for your e-mail!

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Follow your dreams!

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