How to start a Pinterest Business Account

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After you have set up your website and started your blog, the next step is to start promoting your content. One of the social media platforms that you should consider, especially if your target audience are women (over 80% of Pinterest users are women) is Pinterest.

This post is going to cover how to set up a Pinterest business account. If you already have a Pinterest account, you need to consider whether you want to convert that account to a business account or create a separate account for your business. I personally prefer to have different business and personal accounts, to make sure that the people following my business account are interested in what my company can offer and not on recipes for apple pie.

Register for a Pinterest Business account

1 – Go to and click on “Create a business account.”

BusinessAccount1 copy.jpg

2 – Enter your details: e-mail, password, business name and type of business. Click on “Create account.”

3 – Follow the setup steps to enter some additional information: language and country, website name (you can also choose to do this later) and select at least one interest. Install the “pin it” button on your browser to make pinning easier.

Once you complete the setup process, you will be redirected to your main page, where you can start creating boards and pins.

Setup your profile

Once you have setup your account, go to the top right of your Pinterest page, click on the three dots on the right, and select “settings.”


1 – Change your “Business Name” and Username to names that represent your business. 

2 – Fill in the “about you” section, explaining what your business offers.

3 – Upload a picture.

You should also “claim your website” on Pinterest. This will allow you to see statistics about your website and your profile picture will appear next to any of your pins. For a step by step guide on how to claim your website, check out this post.

Set up your boards

Now you can start creating your boards. Think about boards that would interest your customers. You can check 

1 – Click on “Boards”

2 – Click on the “+” sign to add a new board

3 – Enter the name of the board and select whether or not you want the board to be private. Private boards can only be seen by you. 

When you choose a board name, remember that Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine. Think about keywords that users may be entering to search for the type of content that you want to type and use those to name your boards. Use additional keywords in your description.

Create your first Pin

Now that you have created your boards, you can start pinning content.

1 – Select “Pins”

2 – Click on “Create Pin”

3 – Upload an image, complete the pin description (including additional keywords that describe the Pin) and enter a link to the webpage/blog post that you want to refer to.

You can also start filling your boards with relevant content from other people. Find other people in your niche and follow them. You can then re-pin their content in your boards.

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