3 inspirational TED talks that every entrepreneur should watch

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I love TED talks. Whether I’m looking for motivation, inspiration or I just happen to have a few minutes while I cook, clean or look after the kids, TED talks are one of my “to go” places. I’m normally drawn to books, but I’ve found that TED talks and podcasts are good resources to listen to while you are doing other tasks like household tasks or even driving. When you are trying to run a house, a family and work and/or run a business at the same time, every second counts, so I’ve found myself finding ways to make the most of each minute.

In this post I’m including some of favourite motivational TED talks:

1 – Amy Purdy’s “Living beyond limits”.

Amy reminds me that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. She is living proof of it. For me, she is an amazing inspiration. She achieved amazing things and YOU can too! If you want to know more about her amazing story you can also check out her book.

2 – Scott Dinsmore’s “How to find work you love”.

Scott talks about the fact that a high percentage of the working population don’t enjoy their day to day jobs and how we are all “meant to do work we love”. He also talks about the importance of imagination and surrounding ourselves with people who “inspire possibility”. This completely resonates with me; I fully believe that we can achieve anything we dream of and I also believe that to achieve our dreams it is key to surround ourselves with the right people, who will be able to support that dream. People that believe in endless possibilities. Scott started the “Live your legend” movement. Although he died in 2015, his wife Chelsea continues his work. Check out the “Live your legend” website and register to get access to the free toolkit.

3- Larry Smith’s “Why you will fail to have a great career”.

I just think this one is really funny! And true… Remember: follow your passion!

These are only a few among the thousands of TED talks available on TED.com. You can sign up to get regular updates with new TED talks or download the app (I have done both!).

This is only one of the many places where I go when I need a bit of motivation. Motivation is something that you need to nurture every day, so try different ways to stay motivated.

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