7 simple hacks to create pinterest graphics that attract readers

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Pinterest is a great tool to bring free traffic to your content and reach more readers. Writing the right pin is essential to make sure readers click on your pin and get to your content. Follow this simple guidelines to improve your pin quality and get more clicks:

1 – Choose simpler, easy-to-read fonts.

The first thing you need to think about when designing a Pinterest graphic, is that users need to read your text to click on your pin. Some of my favourite fonts are modern script fonts which can work well for titles or bigger pictures on a big screen. However, many of these fonts are unreadable on a mobile device. There are a lot of font combinations you can choose that will make your Pinterest graphics stand out while ensuring that your text is easy to read. You can find some examples in Canva (typing Pinterest graphic on the search box) or

 look at templates provided by CreativeMarket.

You can see below examples from Canva that keep the text clean and easy to read on a smaller size.


And from CreativeMarket:



2 – Choose a catchy title that attracts readers.

The right title will get the reader’s attention and make the reader click on your pin to read more. You can look at your Pinterest analytics to see which of your pins are performing better and use that information to improve your pins.  Or look at popular pins from other bloggers in your niche to find out which titles work well.

3 – Keep your pins clean.

Using too many colours, busy backgrounds or filling the pin area with too much text can make the pin too busy. Use a limited colour palette with 2 or 3 colours and try to keep a homogeneous feel that follows your brand image.

4 – Choose the right pin size.

Pinterest recommends pin sizes with an aspect ratio of 2:3. This means that if the pin’s width was 200 px, its height should be 300 px. I often use 600 x 900px but Canva uses 735 x 1102 px.

5 – Use hashtags (#).

Pinterest allows users to search for hashtags. For example, #winterfashion will bring back those pins with this hashtag in their descriptions. You can include up to 20 hashtags per pin, but 2-5 hashtags are enough. A hashtag search brings up the latest content first, so there is no point in adding hashtags to old pins, as these are not likely to appear in the feed.

6 – Experiment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know from the beginning which picture, fonts and title will work best with your audience. Create several pins for the same content, changing the title in one, the background image in another, etc. You can then analyse the statistics provided by Pinterest to see which one of these pins is working best.

7 – Test on your mobile.

According to Pinterest, 85% of its users access Pinterest through their mobile app.  It is important to make sure your Pins display well and are readable on a mobile screen. So I always look at my Pins on a mobile when I pin them.


In summary, keep your pins simple and readable on a mobile screen and experiment with different options to find out what works best with your audience. 

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