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7 simple hacks to create pinterest graphics that attract readers

Pinterest is a great tool to bring free traffic to your content and reach more readers. Writing the right pin is essential to make sure readers click on your pin and get to your content. Follow this simple guidelines to improve your pin quality and get more clicks: 1 – Choose simpler, easy-to-read fonts. The first thing you need to think about when designing a Pinterest graphic, is that users

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How to add hidden images for Pinterest to your blog post

I use Pinterest to promote my blog post. The type of images that work well in Pinterest are long vertical images with text. However, the photos I like to post on my blog are usually quite different; I choose wider images that work well on my webpage, and I don’t include the title within the image. If you are not using Pinterest yet: what are you waiting for? Check out

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How to claim your website on Pinterest

If you are setting up a profile on Pinterest for your business or blog, you need to claim your website on Pinterest. Claiming your website within Pinterest will allow you to access analytics for your website and will show your picture next to any of your pins.  There are several ways to claim your website, but I’m going to cover how to do it using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin (which

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