5 proven ways to overcome writer’s block

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Have you ever sat in front of your computer or your notebook looking at a blank page not knowing what to write? Or, maybe you have a list of topics to write about but don’t quite know how to start writing? We’ve all had writer’s block at some point and if you are a blogger and writing is a big part of your job, you need to find a few strategies to get out of it.  This article lists the 5 strategies that I use to overcome writer’s block:

1 – Take a break and clear your mind.

One of the things that works best for me when I have writer’s block is to take a break and do something completely different that relaxes me. Go for a walk or do something else that relaxes you; listen to music, paint, go to the gym, meditate, etc. Any activity that normally relaxes you. Then you can go back to the task refreshed and everything will probably flow.

2 – Freewrite.

Sometimes you are trying to write a blog post but you keep staring at a blank page and it feels like nothing at all comes to mind. When this happens, it can be really helpful to start writing about anything; describe what you can see through your window, write about your favourite holiday or your best childhood memory or just about whatever comes to mind first. You can also find writing prompts online or switch on some classical music and write about what you think the music is about. This will get you writing again and help you get back to work.

3 – Change your writing routine.

Sometimes when you are really stuck, changing your routine can help. If you normally write on your laptop, try using a pen and paper or writing in a different place. If it’s a nice day, maybe go outside with your notebook and write in the garden or try writing at a different time of day. You can also consider dictating your ideas on your phone or computer. You can check out Joanna Penn’s post on how to use dictation.

4 – Brainstorm.

If you have a topic you need to write about but can’t think of what to write or how to structure the post, start by writing a list of making a mind-map with all the ideas related to the post you can think of. This should help you focus and help you choose the key ideas that need to go into your writing. You can then write about each of them in more detail.

writer's block

5 – Do some research.

Whatever you are writing about, there is probably a lot of related content already out there. Run a search on Google or Pinterest for related content and read some key articles. Learn from your competition, analysing what they are writing about and how they are presenting their writing. That will help you select the key topics you should cover and how to present them for your audience. You can also look online for related forums or Facebook groups and see what the users are writing about: what are their main problems or questions? You can then focus on answering some top questions.


Everyone is different, so different strategies may work better for different people. Try all the different strategies above and see which ones work best for you.

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